Fresh food, nutritional health program and a sustainable food waste management at your palm.

A web and mobile-based food distribution platform that tackles household access to fresh farm and market produce.


Sub-Saharan Africa annually registers about 40-50% of food Post-Harvest Losses worth US$4 billion, amidst a reported 10-fold global increase in malnutrition and non-communicable diseases.

The amount of food wasted each year at household level and due to food post-harvest losses is enough to feed the total number of malnourished people in the world.


Soko-Foods is uniquely designed automated sustainable food system (SFS) that delivers food security and nutrition for urban households in a way that is convenient, economic, social and environmentally friendly.

Through on-ground interventions, the innovation offers postharvest handling and food safety experience at a market level and innovatively uses the mobile-based internet of things (IoT) structure to support online fresh food orders, tracking and delivery through the Soko Foods-App, as well as take responsibility of ensuring proper management of generated household food waste back to the garden.